Arizona Business Lawyer

Because ambiguous language or minor oversights in contracts can cause major complications, having an Arizona business lawyer on your side can help ensure your best interests and safeguard your assets. Whether you want to form a corporation, a limited liability company, a partnership or a non-profit association, it is essential that all of your business documents and agreements are accurate and appropriately filed.

Having set up and drafted business documents and contacts for more than 14 years, I specialize in developing legal contracts that are well researched and designed to protect your business and personal interests. In addition, I am available to review and provide counsel on contracts drafted by others so when you sign on the dotted line, you can do so with confidence.

Arizona Business Law

With extensive experience in representing both large and small businesses, I understand the legal issues facing many corporations, partnerships and investors. To help protect your best interests, just a few of the business contract services I provide include:

  • Forming corporate entities in accordance with all Arizona laws
  • Reviewing and drafting operating agreements, bylaws and other corporate documents
  • Reviewing and drafting all documents for business mergers and acquisitions
  • Dispute resolution

For additional information on my Arizona business law services or to schedule a no hassle consultation, please call (602) 923-7370 or fill out my quick contact form.