Arizona Foreclosure Lawyer

As an Arizona bankruptcy and foreclosure lawyer, I talk with people every day who have heard, read or been told by their creditors that filing for bankruptcy automatically means they will lose their homes. However, under the current laws you may be able to eliminate all of your unsecured consumer debt, such as credit card debt, and continue paying on your secured debt, such as your mortgage and auto loan – and keep your home and your car.

Arizona Foreclosures

If you are behind in your house payment and facing foreclosure, your lender may offer you a short sale – which would allow you to sell your home for less than the amount that is still owed on the loan. But this option does have some drawbacks, including potential tax consequences, liability for deficiency amounts, impact to your credit score and the fact that you will still be responsible for paying off your other debt.

I can help you understand Arizona foreclosure laws, explore your options and make the right choice for yourself, your family and your financial situation. To schedule a no hassle consultation, please call (602) 923-7370 or fill out my quick contact form.