Arizona Estate Planning

Whether you own a small home or have a vast Arizona estate, have children of your own or are part of a blended or nontraditional family – or even if you simply want to make a special bequest to an organization or individual – creating an estate plan is crucial to ensuring that your property is distributed according to your wishes. And, in order to minimize adverse tax consequences, estate planning documents must be properly prepared.

Arizona Estate Laywer

As an Arizona estate lawyer, I can help you in all aspects of estate planning, including the creation of AB trusts, living trusts, guardianships and wills. In addition, I can help you set up medical and financial powers of attorney and living wills.

Throughout the estate planning process and beyond, I will help you weigh your options and answer any questions quickly and efficiently. And as changes to your estate occur or your martial or financial status changes, I will be here to adjust your plan and ensure that it is within the letter of the law so your heirs won’t be faced with difficult legal matters later.

For additional information on my Arizona estate planning services or to schedule a no hassle consultation, please call (602) 923-7370 or fill out my quick contact form.