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June 2nd, 2013

Anna Nicole Smith Changed The Bankruptcy System. Yes, You Read That Right!

Who would have thought that Anna Nicole Smith’s bankruptcy legal woes would cause so much confusion and debate amongst Arizona bankruptcy lawyers. The United States Supreme Court’s ruling is a prime example of the complexities of bankruptcy law and how a Playboy model will be discussed in court cases for years to come.

May 27th, 2013

How Many Times Can I File Bankruptcy?

Amendments to the Bankruptcy Code in 2005 limit the number of bankruptcies a person can file. You must consult with an Arizona bankruptcy lawyer to determine whether you are eligible to file again.

May 21st, 2013

Bankruptcy and Divorce Part II: You May Still Be Liable to Your Ex For Debt Payments

When you file bankruptcy, you receive a discharge. Your creditors can no longer come after you. But your ex-spouse may come after you if the creditors now collect from him. An Arizona bankruptcy lawyer will advise that you can also discharge some of your divorce decree obligations to your ex if you file the correct bankruptcy under Chapter 13.

May 14th, 2013

Homestead Problem: If it Appreciates During Your Chapter 7, You Could Lose It!

An Arizona bankruptcy lawyer will tell you that even after you get your Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge, your case isn’t over until the trustee closes your case. And if your exempt homestead appreciates above the $150,000 exemption amount while your case is open, the trustee may require you to turn it over.

May 8th, 2013

Bankruptcy and Divorce Part I: Most Creditors Can Come After Both Ex-Spouses for Community Debt

A competent Arizona bankruptcy lawyer will remind you that a divorce decree is simply an agreement between two ex-spouses. Your creditors could care less which spouse agreed to pay which debt in your divorce decree. Most debts incurred during a marriage is the responsibility of both ex-spouses, even if the debt is only in one spouse’s name.

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