Credit Counseling Classes

Pursuant to the bankruptcy code, every debtor must take a “credit counseling course” at least 180 days before filing for bankruptcy.  A debtor also has to take a “financial management course” after the bankruptcy filing.  All classes can be taken over the internet or the telephone and last approximately 20 – 40 minutes.  The price for such classes range from $10 – $50.  Unlike other Arizona bankruptcy lawyers or law firms, I do not make the debtor pay me to take the class.  The debtor is responsible to arrange to take the class and pay any such applicable fee directly to the company.  When you log on to take the classes, you enter my e-mail address or fax number, and the company will immediately send to me your class certificate once you complete the class.  I will file the certificate with the court.

Here is a list of approved companies that I recommend: (this is for both the pre-filing and post-filing class that is required by all debtors; the cost is $9.95 total (regardless if you are married) – (800) 516-3834 (this company offers both pre-filing and post-filing classes; the total cost of the pre-filing course is $25 and the total cost of the post-filing course is $35 (regardless if you are married)